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Air Contamination Reduction Systems

Product Description


Bad smells within a building can make services less attractive to customers or make a working environment uncomfortable for employees. From food service centers in shopping malls, airport concourses and event centers, to animal odor at zoos, farms, and shelters, CosaTron will eliminate bad odors throughout the building or in isolated spaces.


CosaTron® was founded in 1958 based on patented technology for removing sub-micron particles from secondary air, or the air we breathe indoors, and by enhancing the collecting efficiency of high-efficiency filters. CosaTron® is represented in 18 countries where CosaTron® is also a registered trademark.

Primary Benefits:

In addition to air quality and health benefits, CosaTron® has a long history of solving indoor air quality problems and we deliver proven cost benefits. From initial system cost reduction due to reduced primary or make-up air requirements of’ 50% or more, to reduced air handling energy and maintenance, CosaTron® has demonstrated dramatic savings in capital and operating costs.

Innovative Products

Many other styles/options are available:

Custom Systems – Series 1000

  • Custom designed for easy installation within new or existing air-handling plenums. The electrodes are sized to fit within a support framing package, between the filter and the cooling coils. The UL-Listed power generator can be conveniently located in, on, or near the outside of the plenum. A choice of custom plenum designs and options are also available with electrodes and generator. Fully integrated and tested systems delivered from the factory.

Fan-Powered Units – Series 3000

  • Self-contained, fan-powered products for supplemental air-cleaning. Designed for temporary or permanent use almost anywhere that existing air handlers and balancing cannot manage. Ideal for confined spaces such as board rooms, higher-roller suites and other hard to treat localized air quality issues. Series 3000 systems control the build-up of dust, gases, smoke, and offensive odors generated by activity in an area or infiltration from other areas.
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